POP3 E-mail notifier using Winsock

POP3 E-mail notifier using Winsock

What parameters I need to query a finger server to check if new POP3 e-mail has arrived ?

Finger is commonly used for getting connected users information (sending a blank line), but several Commercial Packages use POP3 to accomplish this ? I’ve read the FINGER and POP3 RFC’s and haven’t found any answer. I do know that the POP3 server “notify” option must be enabled for this to work.

In a program that I have that actually responds to Q&A mail, I am using ahigh-level control. However, the STAT command returns the number of e-mailmessages pending, so it would stand to reason that if that number is biggerthan zero, you have mail. STAT is one of the standard commands in the POP3protocol so you should be able to shoot that down a socket.

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