Support for Unicode Consortium

Does Centura support the Unicode consortium? Is there a way to use it with Centura Web Developer? And with SQLWindows 5.0.X?

First, find out what your Unicode requirements are. If you are primarily interested in multilingual application development, Unicode is not a requirement. Centura products do not use Unicode; however, our products are perfectly capable of developing multilingual applications. Windows 95 doesn’t offer full Unicode support either. NT is the only Windows OS offering full Unicode support.

During run time, both SQLWindows and Centura Web Developer check the Windows environment for the primary language and local machine settings. Once these items have been determined, both SQLWindows and Centura function accordingly. Other multilingual issues like right-to-left text labels and cursor movement also happen automatically during run time.

As for static text items, Centura products (SQLWindows and Centura Team Developer) support dynamic text items that can change their value/appearance at run time. In addition, these static items can be modified even after the executable has been built.

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