Compiled Program won’t Run

Compiled Program won’t Run

I’m a Delphi rookie but an experienced programmer in Turbo Pascal.I’m trying to use DBF tables, with good results.But when I copy my compiled programs to a disketteand install it on another computer, it simply doesn’t work.

Do I need to copy theDataBase Desktop also, in order to get my program to work?

Does Borland authorize such a procedure?Thanks and good luck for all of you!!

You don’t need the Database Desktop, but you do need the BDE whenever youdistribute local database applications. If you have a Developer level orhigher version of Delphi, you can use the InstallShield Express program thatcomes on the CD to include the BDE with your product. If not, you’llhave to look under the distribution directory on the CD (sorry, I forgot theexact name) and copy the BDE DiskX directories to separate floppies.


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