Event occurring at regular intervals in user object

Event occurring at regular intervals in user object

Is it possible to activate an event or function at regular time intervals in a customer user object?

I’ve tried to defined a timer event using event id pbm_timer. But the problem is I can’t use the TIMER function to activate this timer event because the TIMER function can only be used for the window.rdms: InformixVersion: PowerBuilder 5.0platform: Win 95

It’s not possible to create a timer for a non-visual object inPowerBuilder. This is a Windows — not a PowerBuilder — limitation.

The only way to do this is to open a hidden or small window (like thetime on your MDI frame) and make it call an event in a publish/subscribetype object. Then your NVO can subscribe to the TIMER event of theobject. Your small window with the timer will publish the TIMER messageat regular intervals.


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