Detecting Multiple Simultaneous Keypresses

Detecting Multiple Simultaneous Keypresses

I need to know if you can have more than one keydown at a time because itwon’t let me turn and fire at the same time. Using the keydown event howdo you tell when there is two or more keys down other than the shift, ctrl,and alt keys? like how can you tell when “A and B” are pressed.

Unfortunately, the only keys that can modify other keys are the Shift,Ctrl, and Alt keys. If you press a letter or number key down with anotheryou will get two KeyPress events. The best suggestion I can offer is tochange your fire button to be the Ctrl key and your forward motion be theShift key. You can detect when Ctrl and Shift are down together, or eventhe Alt key with them. Either way, you can only use those keys togetherwith one alphanumeric character


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