Initializing a deck of cards using a for-loop

Initializing a deck of cards using a for-loop

I have two enumerated types: enum suit_type{club,diamond,heart,spade} and enum rank_type{ace,two,…,queen,king}. In structure CARD, I have the variables suit_type suit and rank_type rank. In class PILE, I have a private variable: CARD storage[MAX_CARD]. I am trying to initialize the deck to 52 cards of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. Below is a substandard for-loop.

for(int i=0;iThis for-loop achieves the results, but not in order of suit, then rank. I have tried to construct a for-loop that will do exactly that, but I am having some problems.

The trick here is to use nested for-loops. Here is an example:

class Card{public:	enum suit {spade,hearts,diamonds,club,end_suit};	enum rank {ace,one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten,			   jack,queen,king,end_rank};	Card (suit st = end_suit,rank rk=end_rank): suit_(st),rank_(rk)	{	}	const Card &operator = (suit s, rank r)	{		suit_ = s;		rank_ = r;		return *this;	}	rank Rank() const { return rank_;}	suit Suit() const { return suit;}private:	suit suit_;	rank rank_;};class Deck {public:	Deck()	{		for(Card::suit s = spade; s < end_suit; ++s)			for(Card::rank r = ace; r < end_rank; ++r)				card_[s][r] = Card(s,r);	}	// ... other methods..	// ...private:	Card card_[Card::suit_end][Card::rank_end];};
Here I define a two-dimensional array and fill it with data accordingto the suit, rank. I also defined a copy assignment operator for theclass Card so I can write the for-loop more elegantly.Also, class Card needs a default constructor because it will be used in anarray.

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