Creating paradox-type tables at runtime

Creating paradox-type tables at runtime

I want to create paradox-type tables at runtime, which I am generally doing in this way:

Table1.FieldDefs.Add(‘IDnum’, ftInteger, 0, False)….Table1.CreateTable
However, there seems to be no FieldType for an auto-increment number like you can choose in Paradox database desktop. I was hoping for something like ftAutoInc, but in Delphi 1 it doesn’t seem to exist.

Is there a way of getting around this so I can create a field that auto-increments itself?

I was surprised by your question until I re-read it and saw that you’reusing Delphi 1.0. You’re right, ftAutoInc doesn’t exist in Delphi 1.0,because the level of the BDE that comes with Delphi 16-bit doesn’t supportthe AutoIncrement type. Your only recourse to use the ftAutoInc type is towrite the app in 32 bits. Other than that, you’ll have to program your ownscheme. Sorry…


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