Help! Tab order is 0 and cursor is still active.

Help! Tab order is 0 and cursor is still active.

My problem is that the SLE and Edit mask fields can be clicked and the cursor is active, even though:

  • The window has a Tab object, and SLE and Edit Mask are mounted on it.
  • The SLE and Edit Mask properties are display-only, enabled, visible, and the tab order is 0.

My one requirement: SLE and Edit Masks must be display-only and populated at runtime.

How can I achieve this?

This is the defined behavior for a Windows application. The user issupposed to be able to click in the field and and highlight the text soit can be copied to the clipboard.

It is possible to do what you want, but disabling the field will stop theuser from clicking the pointer into the field. If you do not want thefield to be grey, change the display to use a datawindowthat allows much more control over the field’s attributes.


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