Creating Win 3.1 Applications

Creating Win 3.1 Applications

Should I upgrade to VB5.0. I currently am using VB4.0 to make a simple program to run on win3.1 and win95. I want to distribute this program on diskette and use as few as possible. Currently I have to use 2 disk, mainly for all the dll’s that go with it. (is there a way to reduce to one disk?) My main question is should I upgrade.

If you’re writing programs for Windows 3.1, don’t upgrade. VB 5 includesno support for 16-bit applications. VB 4, 16-bit, was the last version tosupport 16-bit development.

As far as reducing the size of the installation, you can try eliminatingfiles you don’t think you need; however, the Setup Wizard and mostinstallation tools err on the side of caution when including files. I’drecommend just using a second disk instead of trying to second guess yourinstaller.


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