Creating Date-based Filenames

Creating Date-based Filenames

I am using Excel 97 to create macros. I would like to have my macro “save as” and automaticaly create a filename partially from the current date.for example today is october 10 1997,an approporate name for file group “abc” could be…

  • 1010abc.xls
  • oct10abc.xls
  • 101097abc.xls
This macro will run once a day and save that days data in a unique filename.

You can use the Format$ function to build your filename. The Format$ function is very flexible, as shown in the following example. If you wanted to build the second filename, oct10abc.xls, you would use the following code:

Dim sFilename As StringsFilename = Format$(Date$, “mmmddabc.xls”)
Look in the Visual Basic help file for more information on the variety of user-defined Format$ parameters.

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