Populating a ComboBox

Populating a ComboBox

I am trying to populate a comboxbox from a table (or query). If I use dataware is only receive the first record, I however want all records in the field I select. I have done this in the following VB code;Private Sub Form_Load()Dim RecEmployees as RecordsetDim MyDB as DatabaseSet MyDB = OpenDatabase _ (“D:database.mdb”)Set Recemployees = MyDB.OpenRecordset(“Employees”)Dim i as integer For i = 0 to RecEmployees.RecordCount – 1 Combo1.AddItem (RecEmployees(1)) RecEmployee.MoveNext Next iEnd SubBut have been unable to duplicate in Object Pascal.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,James

In Delphi, it’s basically the same principle. Here are a couple of function that I’ve written that will seamlessly do the job:

procedure DBLoadListBox( dbSource,             {database name}                         tblSource,            {table name}                         fldName   : String;   {field name to load from}                         const LBox: TStrings);{List Box on Form}var   SourceTbl : TTable;begin  SourceTbl := TTable.Create(Application); {Create an instance of sourceTbl}  with SourceTbl do  begin    Active       := False;    DatabaseName := dbSource;    TableName    := tblSource;    try      Open;      First;      while NOT EOF do begin         LBox.Add(SourceTbl.FieldByName(fldName).AsString);         Next;      end;    finally      Free;    end;  end;end;procedure DBLoadList(tblSource,             {table name}                     fldName    : String;   {field name to load from}                     const List : TStrings); {Any TStrings}var  qry : TQuery;begin  qry := TQuery.Create(nil);  with qry do begin    Active := False;    DatabaseName := ExtractFilePath(tblSource);    SQL.Add('SELECT DISTINCT d."' + fldName + '" ');    SQL.Add('FROM "' + tblSource + '" d');    try      Open;      while NOT EOF do begin        List.Add(FieldByName(fldName).AsString);        Next;      end;    finally      Free;    end;  end;end;

The first function accesses a table directly, while the second uses a query – very useful for when you only want the DISTINCT values from a particular field.


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