Error message

Error message

I have two hard drives. I have 95 on C and want to install NT on E. I have 1.99 gig on D and E Free. I would like to keep the information on D and put NT on E. When I go through the setup/install, I get this message when I try to boot:

toskrnl.exe missing file

I checked E and C, and the file is there. When I tried to open it, it gave me an error:

 The C:$WIN_NT$.~LSI385NTOSKRNL.EXE file is improperly linked with alignment less then 0x1000Fix the error, and then link it again.

What does this mean, and how do I fix it?

It sounds like you have a corrupted file in your installation directory (C:$WIN_NT$.~LSI385). Either the file is bad on the installation CD, or was not copied over properly during the initial non-GUI part of the setup. If it is corrupted here, then it will also be corrupted in your SYSTEM32 directory. Another possibility is that the file was copied to the install directory with a bad sector on the disk. You can check this possibility with the ChkDsk /F command. Assuming that the C: drive is formatted for FAT, then you can just rename the NTOSKRNL to, say BAD.FIL, then copy the file from the installation CD to this directory and retry the installation.

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