Logging in to WinNT4.0 Svr

Logging in to WinNT4.0 Svr

Some of my users cannot logon to a new WinNT 4.0 server with the standard account I have created for them. Some users get the logon dialog box that asks for a password, but after entering the password they still get “Password is incorrect. Please try again.”

All accounts are set up the same way and point to the same shared resources on the server. I get this problem regardless of whether the user is working on Windows 95 or NT. All users can “ping” and “ftp” to the server. Some users have joined the same workgroup, but still cannot logon to the server, while others, who have not joined the workkgroup, can. All users are in one domain.

The server has a name, static IP address, and active DNS entry. Other users have no problems loging onto and using the server. I have only service pack 1 loaded on the server.

Wow, that is a really difficult question to answer long distance, so I’ll just give you a couple of swags (Scientific Wild-Ass Guesses).

(1) The simplest solution: do some of the users have caps-lock turned on? Passwords are case-sensitive on NT, even if logging on from Win9x.
(2) Go ahead and apply SP3. It may not fix the problem, but there is no good reason not to apply it: it is required for many of the new features you may want to use (like Option Pack 1), and it may accidentally solve the problem.
(3) If you have a routed network, make sure WINS is set up and that all the computers are pointing to the same WINS server.
(4) Make sure all machines are set up to login to the domain, not the workgroup. In NT, this is under the Network control panel applet, Identification tab, Change. Domain should be checked with the domain name the same as the one when you set up the server (I’m assuming that you set it up as a domain server, or PDC). From Win95, go to the control panel Network applet, Configuration tab, select “Client for Microsoft Networks” (or install it if you don’t have it), and hit the Properties button. Make sure that the “Log on to WIndows NT Domain” is checked and that the domain name is correct in the text box immediately below this.

Other than that, you might try running the NBTSTAT executable to try to determine if any thing looks amiss. It at least seems to be a NetBios issue (not NetBeui, which is a protocol you can install or uninstall).

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