Using SQL Server Query Analyzer to Export Query

Using SQL Server Query Analyzer to Export Query

How do I use SQL Server Query Analyzer to export a query to a text file? I need it pipe-delimited. I think if you can show me how to export it, I can format it using the commands from SQL mail.

I’ve seen a lot of other people asking this question. If you can answer it, I’ll post it giving you credit. (I’ve looked every place I can think of.)

I’m really confused by your question. What is it that you want to export to a text file exactly: the query statement or the query results?

If you need to delimit the result with the pipe character, can you include that in your query? (chr(172), I think.) On the other hand, if you are exporting the data, why not just DTS it out?

The part about SQL mail also throws me, so I’m afraid I don’t get the sense of your question.

Try me on e-mail and I’ll see if I can help you.


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