DSN-Less with ADO

DSN-Less with ADO

When I try to implement the code that is in MSDN, I receive Run-time error ‘446’ Object doesn’t support named arguments.

Dim cn As New ADODB.ConnectionDim rs As New ADODB.RecordsetConst ConnectString = "uid=myname;pwd=mypw;driver={SQL Server};" & _ "server=myserver;database=pubs;dsn=''"Private Sub Form_Load()   With cn      ' Establish DSN-less connection      .ConnectString = ConnectString      .ConnectionTimeout = 10      .Open   End With 

It fails on the ConnectString. How can I correct this problem?

You can’t create the objects using the New keyword outside of a subroutine. Either move the variable declarations (cn and rs) within the Form_Load event handler, or use this code:

Set cn = New ADODB.ConnectionSet rs = New ADODB.Recordset
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