Double-Count in a SQL Query

I want to create two count-variables in one SQL query based on GROUP BY signum_chef. Is that possible? I’ve tried something like this:

 SELECT DISTINCT signum_chef,   Antal=(SELECT COUNT (*)),   Antal1=(SELECT COUNT (*)   FROM anstallda   WHERE anstnr IN (" & sEmployeeID & ")) FROM anstallda GROUP BY signum_chef 

Sorry, but I’m not 100 percent clear on your intent. I’d like to offer the following. I think it is redundant to use DISTINCT with GROUP BY, because GROUP BY collapses the result around the members of the projection, so what is DISTINCT going to do?

Also, I don’t think it will work to have Antal and Antal1 in the select list without them appearing in the GROUP BY expression.

Is IN what you intended? If you are making a comparison to some parameter, and it is a key, wouldn’t an equality match work better?

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