ResultSet Positioning

ResultSet Positioning

How can I access the next and previous rows in a ResultSet when Iconnect to a database through a JDBC driver?

The JDBC 1.0 API only allows you to move forward through a ResultSetwith the next() method. The next() will set the ResultSet to point to thenext row and return true if that row exists. If there is no otherrow, then it returns false, allowing you to iterate over the resultsof a query with a while loop.

The JDBC 2.0 API added the ability tomove backward through a ResultSet as well as forward. This feature isnot necessarily supported by all drivers. Backward movement isperformed with the previous() methods which does exactly the samething as next(), except it fetches the previous row rather than thenext. JDBC 2.0 also adds support for relative positioning with therelative(int rows) method, which will move the result cursor theindicated number of rows from the current position where a negativenumber means to move backward.


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