Menus Using Virtual Functions

Menus Using Virtual Functions

What is giving me a redefinition of CMenuItems class error in this code?

//cmenu.hclass CMenuItem {   public:      char title[81];      virtual void Do_Command(void)=0;};//*********************//CMDS.CPP Defines and initializes menu commands.#include #include #include "cmenu.h"class CMenuBell:public CMenuItem{   void Do_Command(void);};class CMenuSaying:public CMenuItem{   void Do_Command(void);};class CMenuAdd:public CMenuItem{   void Do_Command(void);};void CMenuBell::Do_Command(void){   putc(' 07',stdout); // " 07" rings a bell}void CMenuSaying::Do_Command(void){   puts("If you know the meaning of the universe,");   puts("Make the sound of one hand clapping.");}void CMenuAdd::Do_Command(void){   double x,y;   printf("Enter a number: ");   scanf("%lf",&x);   printf("Enter a number: ");   scanf("%lf",&y);   printf("The total is %f.", x+y);}int num_commands;CMenuItem *commands[20];void Init_Commands(void) {   commands[0] = new CMenuBell;   strcpy(commands[0]->title, "Sound a bell.");   commands[1] = new CMenuSaying;   strcpy(commands[1]->title, "Print a message.");   commands[2] = new CMenuAdd;   strcpy(commands[2]->title, "Add two numbers.");   num_commands=3;}//************************//Main.cpp#include #include "cmenu.h"#include "CMDS.cpp"extern int num_commands;extern CMenuItem *commands[];void main(void) {   int i, sel;   Init_Commands();   do {      puts("
");      for (i=0; ititle");      printf("
Enter a selection: ");      scanf("%d", &sel);      if (sel>0 && selDo_Command();   } while (sel 

The problem is that you're #including the header "cmenu.h" twice:

 //CMDS.CPP Defines and initializes menu commands. #include  #include  #include "cmenu.h" // first time   //Main.cpp #include  #include "cmenu.h" // second time #include "CMDS.cpp"

To avoid this, you should add #include guards in "cmenu.h". This will prevent the multiple definition problem:

 #ifndef CMENU_H #define CMENU_H //cmenu.h class CMenuItem {    public:   char title[81];   virtual void Do_Command(void)=0; }; #endif

It's always a good idea to add #include guards to every header file you write.


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