Restricting Users’ External E-mail Access

Restricting Users’ External E-mail Access

We have a private WAN network with Exchange Server 5.5 and also have one inbound/outbound Internet mail service for all people to use to send Internet e-mail.

I want everyone in the company (from all states) to be able to e-mail each other but I need to restrict certain users from sending/receiving e-mails from people external to the company. I have tried removing the SMTP address but they are still able to send Internet e-mail even though they can’t receive any. Do I need to remove the X400 address also? (I think that is how they are sending mail.) Or would this totally disable them even internally?

I have also tried to specify all users in the Reject Messages From box under the Delivery Restrictions tab of the Internet Mail Service.

What should I do?

You say you’ve already done what you need to do to restrict outbound e-mail. By adding the users you want to restrict to the Reject Messages From section of the Delivery Restrictions tab in the IMS, you will prevent them from using the IMS to send messages.

That’s the way to do it. But you seem to indicate that it didn’t work, so my only guess would be that you somehow didn’t properly specify the users you wanted to restrict.

My suggestion would be to add all of the users you want to restrict to a distribution list (e.g., “NoInternetMail”) and then add that distribution list to the Reject Messages From list.


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