Message Lost in the Information Store

Message Lost in the Information Store

A user tried to move an e-mail from the Inbox to another folder, and then clicked on his mailbox. The message disappeared from the Inbox, but he couldn’t find it. When he clicked on the mailbox again, all he got was Outlook Today. He did a Find and it was shown as being in the folder “Top of Information Store.”

It could be moved back and/or deleted from the Find window, but we’d like to know what’s happening and how we fix it, if possible. If nothing else, how do we see that folder?

This is a devious little problem, and not an uncommon one. What happened is that your user inadvertently moved the message to the root folder in his mailbox.

To get at that item (and any others copied there) go to Outlook Today and then click View > Show Folder Home Page. That will turn off Outlook Today and display the contents of the root folder, which you can then move back to the appropriate folders as you like.


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