Cannot Register ActiveX DLL Remotely


I have downloaded an ActiveX DLL (A third Party ActiveX component) for uploading files to my server. The problem is I can not register the DLL in my Web site, which is hosted in a NT server. I used the command regsvr32 followed by the complete URL of the DLL where I have uploaded it, but it is giving me “Load Library Fail” error. How can I register it so that I can use it with CreatObject method?


You cannot register a component using regsvr32 followed by the complete URL of the DLL location. Regsvr32 requires a folder path name and needs to be executed locally.

You will need to run regsvr32 on the machine containing the DLL. If that happens to be your ISP’s Web server and you do not have local access to the machine (physical access or remote control access), then you are out of luck.

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