Run EXE as Logged-On User

Run EXE as Logged-On User

Let’s assume I am logged onto an NT Workstation as a normal user. Using one of your10-Minute Solutions I managed to get the LogonUser API to log me in as theAdministrator (i.e., returned True) with VB. Now I want to shell an EXE as the logged onAdministrator and not myself. For example, this viruscan update, which requires Adminprivileges:


How do I do this (I believe one solution is the CreateProcessAsUser API, but I don’tknow how to use it)?

That is correct, one solution is to use CreateProcessAsUser, but it’s much morecomplicated than just this one API call.

An easier method is to use the SU.exe utility (included in the NT Resource Kit, both NT4.0 and W2K). You can run it in batch mode, or from a GUI by typing “SU.” It allowsyou to run a process as any arbitrary user, as long as you know the userID and passwordfor that user.


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