Send in a Different Account in Outlook

Send in a Different Account in Outlook

I’ve installed Exchange Server, and I’ve installed Outlook 2000 in the client, which is receiving email from POP3 accounts and three accounts from Exchange Server. How can I choose the account that the email is sent to?

Unfortunately it’s not easy. When you have Exchange Server service installed you’re in Corporate/Workgroup mode, which is MAPI-based and you can’t easily send from various accounts using Outlook 2000.

One workaround is to go to Tools | Services | Delivery and change the order of the utilized delivery services, but be forewarned—that’s not a foolproof solution.

Another workaround is to have multiple Outlook profiles, one for each e-mail account, and restart Outlook using the profile for the account you want to send with. This is admittedly clunky, but may be the best you’re going to do with the current version of Outlook.

The inability of the user to easily determine which account to send from is a weakness of the Outlook 2000 client when it’s in Corporate/Workgroup mode. If you want to suggest to Microsoft that they fix it, try sending a message to [email protected] and put “Outlook” in the subject line.


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