Not all Templates are Created Equal

Unlike templates in other Office 97 products, Word 97 templates provide a business-application engine thatremains separate from the documents that use that engine. Template-based Excel workbooks andPowerPoint presentations include a copy of that engine. In practice, all Word documents consist of twoVBA projects: the first project is from the underlying template (all Word documents are based on atemplate), and the second project belongs to the Word document itself. On the other hand, Excelworkbooks and PowerPoint presentations based on a template have only one VBA project. Every filecontains its own copy of the project in the original template. Changes made to this copy don’t affect theunderlying template.In Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, add-ins provide code engines that remain separate from the workbooksand presentations that use those engines. To create an Excel or PowerPoint add-in, use the Save Ascommand on the File menu and save the file as a specific type: the “Add-in” type. Each product uses aspecific “Add-in” extension (XLA for Excel, PPA for PowerPoint, and MDA for Access).There’s no canonical location for storing add-ins, but to load add-ins automatically when you launch anOffice product, store them in the XLStart folder or in the StartUp folder. You can load add-ins manuallywith the Add-ins command on the Tools menu, or you can automate the process in code.To create an Access add-in, use the command “Make MDE file” available through the Database Utilitiescommand on the Tools menu.

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