Fixed Dialog Forms in VB3

Fixed Dialog Forms in VB3

A VB3 form that has a fixed double border does not show the form’s icon in the upper left-hand corner if you have the control box set to True. Here’s a way to have a double border (3-D dialog border) form that sports a visible icon as well as the standard close “X” in the upper right-hand corner, similar to the VB4 Fixed Dialog form. Choose the form you want and set BorderStyle to 2 – Sizable, ControlBox to True, and MaxButton and MinButton to False, and set the form’s icon to your application’s ICO file. Place this code in the form events:

 (general) (declarations)Dim MeHeight As IntegerDim MeWidth As IntegerSub Form_Load ()	MeHeight = Me.Height	MeWidth = Me.WidthEnd SubSub Form_Resize ()	Me.Height = MeHeight	Me.Width = MeWidthEnd Sub

When the user tries to resize the form, the sizing rectangle will be visible, but the form will snap back to its former size.


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