Build Debugging/Profilling Into Your Code

Build Debugging/Profilling Into Your Code

To build debugging and profiling into your code, add this to the endof code lines:

 'Code line Add this line (n should be replaced'by a unique number)i = j + 1 '*dbg* "Debug n" & time

Turn debugging/profiling on by simply doing a replace on all modulesof ‘*dbg* with :debug.print. When you run your code, the output will besent to the debug window. To turn off debugging/profiling, replace :debug.printwith ‘*dbg.* Even more interesting is the fact that you can do this at the procedurelevel as well. For example:

 Sub Form_Load () '*dbg* "form_load:" & Time;

after replacement:

 Sub Form_Load () : Debug.Print "form_load:" & Time;

Finally, if you like, you can change ‘*dbg* to a procedure name thatcould write all output to a file.


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