Duplicate Lines of Code Without Syntax Errors

Many times when I code similar syntax with slight modifications on each line, I like to make a template of thecore syntax, quickly paste a copy of it however many times I need it, and then go back and edit each line.Many times, however, the core syntax generates an error by the VB editor. You can get around thisproblem by commenting the core syntax line out before you paste the template. Once you finish editing thetemplates, simply go back and remove the comment delimiter. This is especially easy under VB5, which hasa Block Uncomment command. For example, say you’re reading a recordset to populate a collection:

 While Not mRS.EOF        oObject.FName = mRS!FName        oObject.LName = mRS!LName        oObject.Phone = mRS!Phone        .        .        cCollection.Add oObject, oObject.FNameWend

If your object has 20 or 30 properties, it would be quicker to code this core syntax:

 '       oObject. = mRS!

Copy it, paste it 20 or 30 times, go back and type the property and field names in, and remove the commentdelimiter. The comment delimiter lets you go back and edit each line in whatever order you like and not haveto worry about generating a syntax error.

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