Prevent Errors When Using GetSetting

Prevent Errors When Using GetSetting

Using Visual Basic’s GetSetting function might cause an error, particularly in certain situations when using itunder 16-bit operating systems with INI files. If there’s no specific entry in the INI file, you might get anerror message such as “Invalid procedure call.” You can use this routine, which wraps an error handleraround the built-in function:

 Public Function GetRegSetting(AppName _        As Variant, Section As Variant, _        Key As Variant, Optional Default _        As Variant) As Variant' the default value is not assumed to be ' an Object type otherwise you should ' use Set statementDim tmpValue As Variant' set default value' if no value was passed, this gives an ' empty variantIf Not IsMissing(Default) Then _        tmpValue = Default' this is for trapping possible errorsOn Error Resume Next' let's use VB's functiontmpValue = GetSetting(AppName, _        Section, Key, tmpValue)' after possible errors the call ' continues here with the preset default ' valueGetRegSetting = tmpValueEnd Function


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