When is virtual inheritance needed?

When is virtual inheritance needed?

Multiple inheritance is a powerful and useful feature in C++, but it can lead to a problem known as the DDD or “Deadly Diamond of Derivation”, as in this case:

class ElectricAppliance{ int voltage, int Hertz ; public: //…constructor and other useful methods int getVoltage () const { return voltage; } int getHertz() const {return Hertz; } };

class Radio : public ElectricAppliance {…};class Tape : public ElectricAppliance {…};

class RadioTape: public Radio, public Tape { //multiple inheritance //… };void main() {

RadioTape rt;

int voltage = rt.getVoltage(); //compilation Error — ambiguous //call; //two copies getVoltage() exist in rt: //one from Radio and one from Tape. //Also: which voltage value should be //returned? }//end main()

The problem is clear: rt is derived simultaneously from two base classes, each having its own copy of the methods and data members of ElecctricAppliance. As a result, rt has two copies of ElectricAppliance. This is the DDD. However, giving up multiple inheritance will lead to a design compromise. So in cases where reduplication of data and methods from a common base class is undesirable, virtual inheritance should be used:

class Radio : virtual public ElectricAppliance {…}; class Tape : virtual public ElectricAppliance {…};class RadioTape: public Radio, public Tape { //multiple inheritance };

As a result, class RadioTape contains a single instance of ElectricAppliance shared by Radio and Tape, so there are no ambiguities, no memory waste, and no need to give up the powerful tool of multiple inheritance:

void main() {RadioTape rt;int voltage = rt.getVoltage(); //now OK}//end main()

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