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Language: C#
Expertise: Beginner
Jan 31, 2006

Access the ValueMember Item in a Bound CheckedListBox

This example retrieves items in a list that have been checked and simply outputs them to the Output window.

Assume the list has been bound to a DataSource, like a DataTable, and that the DisplayMember and ValueMember properties are bound to fields in the DataTable:

    myCheckedList.DataSource = myDataTable;
    myCheckedList.DisplayMember = "FieldNameOne";
    myCheckedList.ValueMember = "FieldNameTwo";
To read the value associated with FieldNameTwo for items in the CheckedListBox, employ a DataRowView object to retrieve the value:

    foreach(DataRowView view in myCheckedList.CheckedItems)
As you can see, the foreach automatically casts CheckedItemCollection's Item objects into DataRowView objects as it iterates through the collection. This allows you to retreive the value you want.

On a side note, you could have used the literal string FieldNameTwo instead of myCheckedList.ValueMember as the array indexer for the view, but using the latter lends you a bit more flexibility—in case you want to change the field (or the name of the field) to which the CheckedListBox ValueMember is linked.

Evan Stone
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