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Language: C++
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 19, 2006

Using the Standard Library Algorithms with Arrays

Pointers may be used as iterators when using the standard library algorithms found in <algorithm>. Remember that the start iterator should point to the first element, while the finish iterator should point just beyond the last element. For example, this code sorts an array of integers:

////////// begin code
int numbers[10] = { ... };
std::sort(numbers, numbers + 10);
////////// end code
This code sorts using a custom comparison function:

////////// begin code

struct s {
    // ...

bool less_than(const s& s0, const s& s1)
    // return true if s0 should come before s1

// ...

s array[10];
// initialize array
std::sort(array, array + 10, less_than);

////////// end code
Kevin Spiteri
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