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Tip of the Day
Language: JavaScript
Expertise: Intermediate
Mar 5, 2007

Javascript Errors in Firefox

Because browsers other than IE don't create global variables for every part of the page/DOM, you need to qualify references to the form and its elements in non-IE browsers. You can do this either by creating a form reference and passing that to methods, or by using an absolute reference to the document.forms collection in your code. For example:

// the code below works fine in IE.
<SCRIPT language="javascript">
function OnLoad()
//Works fine in IE and not in Firefox
frmName.SearchButton.disabled = true

//Replace the above line with the below one

//Works fine in both IE and Firefox
document.frmName.SearchButton.disabled = true 
<BODY onLoad = "onLoad()">
<form name="frmName">
<input id="SearchButton" name="SearchButton" type="button">
Balasubramanian Krishnaswamy
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