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Tip of the Day
Language: C#
Expertise: Beginner
Dec 3, 2008

Determine Whether a String Representation of Date/Time is Valid

Use the following C# 2.0 code to determine whether a string representation of date/time is valid:

string s="04/01/2008"; 
//string to be converted to date time object.
DateTime result;
bool success = DateTime.TryParse(s, out result); 
//try parsing the string to check if 's' contains valid date time.
//returns 'true' if conversion was successful.
  //'result' contains a converted date time object.
The method for accomplishing the same thing in .NET 1.1 is tedious and less efficient; you need to use a try{}...catch{} block and catch the FormatException.

Deepak Choudhari
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