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Language: JavaScript
Expertise: Intermediate
Dec 16, 2008

Changing the Style of a String in JavaScript

JavaScript's String object provides functions that display style of the text:
  1. big()
  2. blink()
  3. bold()
  4. fixed()
  5. fontsize(<size>): This function takes a parameter to specify the font-size in pixels.
  6. fontcolor("<color>"): This function takes a string parameter to specify font-color.
  7. italics()
  8. link(""): This function takes a string parameter to specify the URL.
  9. small()
  10. strike()
  11. sub()
  12. sup()
  13. toLowercase()
  14. toUppercase()
For example, to display selected text in italics:

var text = "Hi there!"
//writes the string in italics
To set a link to a text:

//writes a hyperlinked string text
Deepak Choudhari
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