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Running 32-bit Applications with 32-bit DLLs on 64-bit Operating Systems
by Prafulla Doye
Applications can load 32-bit DLLs only in 32-bit mode.
How to Build a .NET Solution or Project from a Command Prompt
by Deepak Choudhari
You don't always have to use Visual Studio to compile your solution or project; you can build from a command prompt.
Automating Visual Studio Solution Builds
by Srinath MS
Ever wanted to build a Visual Studio solution automatically? A simple batch file suffices.
Using the Final Keyword in Java
by Ashu Passi
Learning the ins and outs of using Java's final keyword.
What Is the Smallest Object Size Possible in C/C++?
by Alexander Ocher
What is the smallest object size possible in C/C++? One.
Quickly Set the Project Build Order for a .NET Solution
by Srinath MS
You must manage the build order when some projects in the solution have dependencies on others; those projects that others depend on must be built first.
Determine Whether a C or C++ Compiler Was Used to Compile Code
by Alexander Ocher
The code below uses standard, pre-defined macros to determine whether a C or C++ compiler was used to compile the code.
Potential Problems with Friend Classes and Functions in C++
by Alexander Ocher
In C++, it is possible to declare as a friend a class which was not declared anywhere else. This behavior is specified in the C++ Standard (11.4), but it can lead to problems if used incorrectly.
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