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Tip of the Day
Language: SQL
Expertise: Intermediate
Mar 22, 2018

Print All Table Column Definitions in an Entire Database

The following script can be used to print all column definitions for all the tables in your database.


sys.schemas.name + '.' + sys.objects.name AS TableName,

sys.columns.name as ColumnName
WHEN sys.types.name IN ('char','varchar') THEN sys.types.name+'('+CASE WHEN sys.columns.max_length<0 then="" max="" else="" convert="" varchar="" 10="" sys="" columns="" max_length="" end="" when="" types="" name="" in="" nvarchar="" nchar="" case="" 0="" 2="" numeric="" precision="" scale="" as="" datatype="" is_nullable="1" null="" not="" nullable="" from="" inner="" join="" t="" on="" system_type_id="sys.types.user_type_id" and="" is_user_defined="0" objects="" o="" object_id="sys.objects.object_id" schemas="" schema_id="sys.schemas.schema_id" where="" select="" table_name="" information_schema="" tables="" order="" by="" column_id="" code="">
Hannes du Preez
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