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Math Processing

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Portable Functions to Check for NaN and Infinity
by Alexander Ocher
These versions of isNaN() and isInf are portable across C++ compilers.
Understanding Java's Integer Pool Can Avoid Problems
by Shreyas Pai
When apparently-equal integer values fail an equality test, remember the integer pool.
A Function to Determine Whether a String Can Be Converted to a Number
by Roberto Chiavolini
Find out how to determine whether a string can be converted to a number.
Finding Modulus of a Very Large Number with a Normal Number
by Sameer Palande
Divide the number into smaller numbers, then find the remainders of these smaller numbers. Add up the remainders and repeat the process. As long as the remainders are retained, the final answer wont change.
Converting an Integer to a C++ String
by Jon Sumners
Boost libraries provide a better way to convert numbers into strings or vice versa.
Convert "Little-Endian" to "Big-Endian"
by Leonard Anghel
This tip outlines two simple methods that help you to convert a number from the "little-endian" format to the "big-endian" format.
Find Common Denominators in C++
by Sherman Guanlao
Find out how to find the greatest common demoninator and least common multiple of two integers in C++.
How to Draw a Spiral in VB
by Richard Bunt
Using a loop and the maths formula for a spiral, you can use pset(x,y) to plot the points returned by the formulas.
Calculate the Angle Between Two Lines
by Richard Bunt
This code shows you how to calculate the angle between two lines using vectors and an inverse cosine function.
Determine Whether a Value is Numeric
by Srinath MS
JavaScript has a built-in function called isNAN that can be used to check if a value is numeric or not.
Using Complex Numbers
by Kevin Spiteri
This tip explains how the C++ standard library can handle complex numbers.
Fetching Even and Odd Records in Oracle
by MS Sridhar
This tip will help you understand how to apply the mod function and use it to obtain even and odd records from columns in Oracle.
Use BigDecimal Instead of Double Data Type
by Olinilavan Jayaraman
To avoid truncation while obtaining proper decimal values, use BigDecimal instead of double.
Reverse a Numeric Value Without Using String Utilities in Java
by Elayaraja David
Find out how to use the NumberReverse to reverse a given number without using string utilities.
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