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Jun 9, 2021

How to Use the Source Command in MySQL

There are instances when you have data in SQL files that need to be uploaded to a database. MySQL has a source command that can help you achieve this very goal. This method works well with large SQL files as well.

The steps below illustrate how to upload SQL files to a database using MySQL.

Note: This article assumes that the SQL files is named sqlFile.sql. In the steps below, simply change this file name to the name of your own SQL file.

Step 1: Connecting to the mysql database:

[root@dev]# mysql -S /opt/mysql//mysql.sock -u -p 

Step 2: Choose the database in which you want to perform this operation:

[root@dev]# use 

Step 3: Using the source command. Assuming that the sqlFile.sql is present in the current folder, execute the following command:

[root@dev]# source sqlFile.sql;
MS Sridhar
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