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Creating Variables in Kotlin
by James Payne
In this programming tutorial we take a look at the Kotlin language. Learn how to create the different types of variables in Kotlin with code examples.
How to Create the Hello World App in Kotlin
by James Payne
Today we will learn how to create the Hello World application in Kotlin, the eventual replacement for Java. Learn how to code your first Kotlin app.
How to Accept User Input in Java
by James Payne
Learn how to use the Scanner class and nextLine() method to accept user input in Java. Learn the java.util package and other methods. 
Java String Methods toUpperCase() and toLowerCase()
by James Payne
This Java quick tip shows you how to convert Strings and text into lowercase and uppercase using String methods. Read our code examples and tips.
Using get(), set(), and size() with Arraylist in Java
by James Payne
Java programming tutorial shows how to use the get(), set(), and size() methods on ArrayLists to change and access array elements. Learn more.
Using Add() and Remove() ArrayList Methods in Java
by James Payne
Learn how to work with the ArrayList class and use the add() and remove() methods to add and remove elements in an array using Java. Learn more.
How to Use Java ArrayList
by James Payne
Learn how to use the Java ArrayList class in Java. Follow along with code examples. 
Using Java Comparison Operators
by James Payne
Learn how to work with Java comparison operators and follow along with code examples in this programming tutorial.
How to Create the Hello World Program in Java
by James Payne
The Hello World app is every developer's entry into the world of programming. We learn how to create the Hello World program in Java. Code with us.
How to Write Comments in Java
by James Payne
Learn how to write comments and multi-line comments in the Java programming language to better document your code and applications.
Working with Charset in Java
by MS Sridhar
Java supports multiple charsets, thanks to the library java.nio.charset.Charset. We will use this library in today's programming tutorial. Read more.
Navigating Java Directories
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to navigate file folders and directories, find the parent directory, and more in this Java developer tutorial. 
Listing Directory Files Using Java
by MS Sridhar
This quick Java tutorial shows you how to use streams to find .java files in a given directory. Practice with our sample code snippets.
Finding the Current Directory in Java
by MS Sridhar
How to use the Java method java.lang.System.getProperty() to find the current working directory. Code along with our sample code. 
Exploring the Java File Permission Class
by MS Sridhar
We look at Java’s java.io.FilePermission Class and java.security.PermissionCollection in today’s developer tip.
Java: Checking to See if a File Exists
by MS Sridhar
Today’s programming tutorial centers around navigating the file directory. We will use Java to check to see if a file exists. Read more.
Java dumpStack Method
by MS Sridhar
We explore Java’s dumpStack method in today’s programming and developer tutorial. Code examples included so you can code along.
Finding Active Threads in Java Runtime
by MS Sridhar
A quick Java tutorial showing you how to find active threads in runtime. Sample code included. Try our coding example.
Running Multiple Instances of a Thread in Java
by MS Sridhar
Is it possible to run more than one instance of a thread in Java? We answer this question in today’s article. Find out now.
How to Provide Permission to Sockets in Java
by MS Sridhar
In this quick Java guide, you can follow along as we learn how to provide permission to Sockets using Java.
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