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How to Generate Random Integers in Java
by MS Sridhar
This Java example code shows you how to generate random streams of integer values. Check out the code.
Working with Multiple Delimiters in Java
by MS Sridhar
How to work with multiple delimiters in a file with Java. Code along with our example.
Java: Working with Local Currencies
by MS Sridhar
This short Java tutorial talks about working with local currencies. Learn more.
Using Java to Identify Class Objects as Type Interface
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to use Java to identify if a class object is of type interface in this developer tutorial. Read more.
Encoding and Decoding with Java
by MS Sridhar
Encoding involves converting data from one form to another. In this developer tutorial, we look at how to Encode and Decode in Java. Read more.
Java: Implementing Interfaces with Default Methods
by MS Sridhar
We discuss how to implement interfaces with default methods in this Java developer tutorial. Read more.
Default Methods in Java Interfaces
by MS Sridhar
Here is an example of an implementation of a default method in a Java interface.
Formatting Output in Java
by Sridhar M S
This programming tutorial dives into how to format output in Java using Collectors.
Java: Using the Split Method on Strings
by MS Sridhar
This Java programming tutorial shows you how to use the split method to “split” a string that has a delimiter using the Java split method.
How to Use StackTraceElement in Java for Debugging
by MS Sridhar
Tracking down bugs in code can be hard. To help with this issue, we are going to look at Java’s built-in utility for debugging: StackTraceElement.
Finding the OS Architecture in Java using System.getProperty
by MS Sridhar
Inside you will find an example of using Java code to figure out which OS architecture a system is using and how to use the System.getProperty method.
Magical comments in Java Explained
by MS Sridhar
When using magic comments in our documentation, we need to be careful about their usage. We explore this in today’s Java programming tip.
How to List Drives in a System with Java
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to use Java’s APIs to work with a file system. We will use Java’s java.io package and its File class to list any available drives.
Initializing Multiple Variables in Java
by MS Sridhar
This Java tutorial shows how to initialize multiple variables at once versus one at a time. Includes code samples using the Java programming language.
Using a Java Socket Class to Find Open Port: Second Method
by MS Sridhar
We discuss a second method for discovering if a port is available using the Java Sockets class in this Java programming and developer tip.
Java: How to Find If a Port Is Free
by MS Sridhar
Java has a Socket class that can connect to a port on a specified host. Using this, we can check to see if a port is available or not.
Locating Files in a Directory with Java
by MS Sridhar
In this Java programming tutorial quick tip, we learn how to use Java utility packages to locate files in a directory.
Creating a JSON Object in Java
by Sridhar M S
JSON is a standardized mechanism used to transfer & share data. Java supports this with the help of JSON libraries. Lets create a JSON Object in Java.
How to Call a Stored Procedure via the JdbcTemplate
by Octavia Anghel
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - See an example of how to call a stored procedure via the JdbcTemplate.
How to Increment Integers
by Octavia Anghel
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - See an example of how to increment integers from 1-1000000 via LongAdder.
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