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Language: Java
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 2, 2017

Java Collections Performance, MAP

Improve Java performance with MAP.

                                 Add      Contains keys       Next           Data Structure
HashMap                          O(1)          O(1)            O(h/n)          Hash Table
EnumMap                          O(1)          O(1)            O(1)            Array
LinkedHashMap                    O(1)          O(1)            O(1)            Hash Table+Linked List
TreeMap                          O(log n)      O(log n)        O(log n)        Red-black tree
ConcurrentSkipListMap            O(log n)      O(log n)        O(1)            Skip List
ConcurrentHashMap                O(1)          O(1)            O(h/n)          Hash table
IdentityHashMap                  O(1)          O(1)            O(h/n)          Array
WeakHashMap                      O(1)          O(1)            O(h/n)          Hash table
Octavia Anghel
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