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Something to Remember When Filtering Keystrokes
by Oracy
Language: Visual Basic Classic (6 and earlier)||Expertise: Advanced
A Simple Password-Checking Routine
by Brian Abernathy
Here's a simple password-checking routine that ensures that the user-entered password matches specific password criteria.
Get the Last Filled Row or Column in Any Excel Spreadsheet
by Pavana Shireesha
Here's how to find the last Excel spreadsheet row or column containing data.
Measuring A Program's Speed
by Zachary Edwards
The simplest way to measure the performance of a block of code (or an entire program) is to obtain the elapsed time. This tip shows you how.
Use GetBetween to Parse a String Between Two Strings
by Zachary Edwards
This tips shows how to use GetBetween to parse a String between two strings.
Associate a File Extension to a Program
by Andre Portugal
This tip is an addendum to a previous tip demonstrating how to use CreateFileAssociation to associate a file extension.
Write a VB6 String that Contains Double Quotation Marks
by Xianzhong Zhu
There are typically two ways to express the string that contains double quotation marks.
Make Your Mouse Pointer Tremble
by Frederico Cebrian
To make your mouse pointer appear to be trembling, you first create a form with ScaleMode = 3 - Pixel. Then use the code in this tip.
An Improved szEncryptDecrypt VB6 Funtion
by Scott Likely
The szEncryptDecrypt function in a previous tip did not handle unicode strings properly, but otherwise worked well. The changes in the following version should work for any string by explicitly converting each character to ASCII and back.
How to Draw a Spiral in VB
by Richard Bunt
Using a loop and the maths formula for a spiral, you can use pset(x,y) to plot the points returned by the formulas.
Clear All Occurences of Extra White Space
by Sameer Palande
This function clears all occurences of extra white space (spaces, tabs, blank lines) and programming comments beginning with ';' in a file and saves the cleaned file as another file.
Replace All Occurences of Numbers in the Input String
by Sameer Palande
This function replaces all occurences of numbers in the input string with '#' and returns the replaced string.
Calculate the Angle Between Two Lines
by Richard Bunt
This code shows you how to calculate the angle between two lines using vectors and an inverse cosine function.
Displaying a Local Image in a WebBrowser Control
by Davoudi Mehran
Find out one more way to display a local image in a WebBrowser control.
Printing Color Lines in VB
by Swaminathan Raghavan
Have you ever had a problem printing lines in color from VB6 (SP4)?
Prevent an IP from Connecting to Your WinSock Server Application
by Ahhb Ahhb
It's really quite simple to prevent an IP from connecting with your server or to allow only one IP address to connect to your server.
Make a Button Click When the User Presses Enter
by Ahmed Hosny
To make a button click when the user presses enter without the focus on it, simply add this code to the start of your onLoad event on your form.
Create a Control Array at Runtime Instead of Design-time
by Prabha Natarajan
To create and access the control arrays as though they were created at design time, simply follow these steps and use the code.
Move a Title-less Form
by Liam Goodacre
If you've struggled with setting static variables in MouseDown, and MouseUp commands to enable users to drag borderless windows around the screen, here's a simpler way.
Convert Numbers to Excel Column Names
by Yassine Moe
This algorithm converts column numbers (1-x) to Excel column names.
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