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Language: Java
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 25, 2017

Making a File Read-only Using Java

Files have multiple properties and they are interesting to use. In fact, your own file system can be developed using them. Create a file named PATH.txt and try this program twice to see how the setReadOnly() method works. Explore and enjoy!

import java.io.File;

public class ReadOnlyFile {
   public static void main(String[] args) 
      //File to choose
     String fileNameWithPath = "C:/PATH.txt";
     File file = new File(fileNameWithPath);
      System.out.println("File is writeable: " + file.canWrite());
     //If the file is writable, then making it read-only
     if (file.canWrite())
        System.out.println("File is writable. Making it read-only now");
M S Sridhar
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