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Determine Whether a Field Exists in an ADODB.Recordset
by Shawn Dorman
Unless you populated a recordset yourself, you may not know whether it contains a particular field.
Quickly Copy Data Rows from DataReader to a DataTable
by Srinath MS
.NET 2.0 provides the new DataTable.Load method to copy data rows from DataReader to a DataTable.
A Faster Way to Search Through a DataTable
by Srinath MS
Find out how DataView can help you perform faster searches through a DataTable.
Use DataTable.Rows.Find() Instead of DataTable.Select()
by Srinath MS
Find out why using DataTable.Rows.Find() is faster than using DataTable.Select() to find records based on a primary key value.
A Quick Way to Copy DataRow
by Navin Varma
Use this code tp copy data in one line from the source to the destination row.
Add a Fresh Set of Records to a Dataset
by Mamta Murthy
When you execute a new query and populate an existing dataset, the newly retrieved records are appended to the existing records in the dataset.
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