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Something to Remember When Filtering Keystrokes
by Oracy
Language: Visual Basic Classic (6 and earlier)||Expertise: Advanced
Quickly Determine Whether a Column Is Fully Visible in a DataGridView
by Srinath MS
Find out whether a DataGridView column is partially hidden.
Disable the Standard Windows Close, Minimize, and Maximize Buttons
by Ted Atogwe
In .NET Windows Forms, disabling the standard Windows close, minimize, and maximize buttons is as simple as setting the Window Style or adding one line of code.
Minimize Flickers in Windows Forms
by Jayadev D
Learn how to minimize the flickering users often experience when loading forms or during other operations.
Disable Copy/Paste in a Textbox in Your WinForms Application
by Srinath MS
Use these following steps to disable the Copy/Paste feature in a textbox.
Using Explicit Casting to Display Data
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Explicit casting offers better performance while avoiding the cost of reflection.
Displaying "Bit" Database Fields in Web Forms
by Srinath MS
When fields with 'Bit' Data Types are displayed on Web Pages, they shows as True/False, as opposed to showing the actual '0' / '1'.
Changing the Title in a Web Form
by Srinath MS
In ASP.NET, a web form's title is determined by the HTML View's Title attribute. However, there is no property in the default (or any other namespace) that helps you to change the title programmatically.
Setting Focus on a Form in an MDI Application
by Srinath MS
To gain focus on a form in an MDI Windows Application quickly, use the Form.Activate method.
Viewing Contents in the Background Form
by Srinath MS
Suppose you're working on multiple forms and you've got a visual dependency on data in one or more forms (something like the Aero effect in Vista). In such cases, use the form's Opacity property.
Paint Event Not Called During Form Resize
by Srinath MS
Read on for two workarounds that solve this problem.
Use the UseWaitCursor Property to Change Cursors
by Srinath MS
The System.Windows.Form class's UseWaitCursor property sets the window's cursor to an hourglass. It is a Boolean property.
Show() vs. ShowDialog() in .NET
by Srinath MS
The form class' ShowDialog method functions differently than its Show method. This tip explains how.
Make a Textbox Display Characters in a Particular Case
by Srinath MS
Learn how to use the CharacterCasing property to make a textbox display characters in acertain case.
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