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Language: Web
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 12, 2017

Tools that Highlight the Performance of the W3af Web Application Security Scanner

Some of the most useful tools that work in association with the w3af web application security scanner, are listed below:

  • Wapiti (http://wapiti.sourceforge.net/): a Python-based script that discovers attackable URLs and then cycles through a list of evil parameters.
  • Nikto (http://cirt.net/nikto2): a Perl script that quickly summarizes system details and looks for the most obvious of defects.
  • Skipfish (https://code.google.com/p/skipfish/downloads/list): a C program that bashes away with many requests over a prolonged period. You can choose from different dictionaries of attacks. This is an excellent poor man's stress test; if your system stays up; you know that it has reached a minimal level of stability.
  • Nmap (http://nmap.org/): A simple to use, highly popular, award-winning network scanner.
Octavia Anghel
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