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Windows And Windows Apis - Page 2

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Set the Computer's Name Through .NET
by Srinath MS
Learn how to set your computer's name using the SetComputerName function, which is available in kernel32.dll
New Web Fonts for Windows Vista
by Bryan Rasmussen
Microsoft has released a number of new Windows Vista fonts, for use in web development.
Associate a File Extension to a Program
by Andre Portugal
This tip is an addendum to a previous tip demonstrating how to use CreateFileAssociation to associate a file extension.
How to Determine the Default Web Browser
by Alexander Ocher
Sometimes people assume that the default Web browser is the program that is registered in the Windows registry to open files with .html extension.
Keeping Your Directory Structure Intact After Deleting Folder Contents
by Srinath MS
Find out about a quick way to empty a folder and all its subfolders—while keeping your directory structure intact.
Make Your Mouse Pointer Tremble
by Frederico Cebrian
To make your mouse pointer appear to be trembling, you first create a form with ScaleMode = 3 - Pixel. Then use the code in this tip.
Find Out What Applications Transmit Data from Your Computer
by Srinath MS
This tip can help you determine if your computer is hosting spyware that sends your information to another server.
Sending Clipboard Data via Email
by Srinath MS
Suppose you've just copied something to your clipboard. Want to send somebody an email containing that clipboard data?
Remove MS SQL Server Completely
by Larry Sawchuk
Microsoft has several different versions of SQL and occasionally an install fails or an upgrade fails and normal uninstallation is impossible.
Determine Whether a Program Is a Console or GUI Application
by Alexander Ocher
This tip lists just about every method there is to determine whether a program is a console of GUI application.
Open a Folder Using a Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 2000 Professional
by Jaya Nehru Kumar
Learn how to open a folder using a keyboard shortcut in Windows 2000 Pro.
Add, Remove, or Edit Saved Passwords
by Srinath MS
Follow these steps to access the interface where you add, remove, or edit saved passwords.
Make a Picture's Background Transparent
by Srinath MS
If you have images that are supposed to have transparent portions, but have lost the transparency information, you can use Microsoft Word to restore the transparent color.
Changing User Privileges for an Application
by Srinath MS
If you've ever had to log out in Windows XP to run a program under other user's privileges, you don't have to anymore.
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