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Using Templates for Concurrent XSLT Transformations
by Leonard Anghel
Use Templates to use a Transformer object (from the TrAX API) in multiple threads running concurrently.
Blocking Namespace Declarations in XSLT Transformation Results
by Leonard Anghel
Suppose you want to block a namespace declaration from appearing in your XSLT transformation results. You'd have to use the exclude-result-prefixes attribute in the stylesheet element.
Use the XSLT 2.0 Character-map Element to Replace Characters
by Leonard Anghel
Here's an example of how to use XSLT 2.0's new character-map element to replace a character (or group of characters) with another character (or group of characters) on the transformation runtime.
Insert an XML Schema into an XQuery Query
by Leonard Anghel
This tip shows you how to insert an XML Schema into an XQuery query.
Import an XML Schema into a Stylesheet Using XSLT 2.0
by Leonard Anghel
This tip shows you how to import an XML schema in your XSL pages, using XSLT 2.0.
Create a "Current Date" Extension Element for Xalan
by Leonard Anghel
This tip is just a small application that creates an extension element for the Xalan processor.
Process an XSL-FO Document
by Leonard Anghel
Learn how to use the FOP processor classes to process XSL-FO documents.
Use XSL-FO to Obtain a Page Number
by Leonard Anghel
This tip shows you how to use the fo:page-number and fo:page-number-citation elements to insert page numbers.
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