10 Resource Management Software to Boost Your Business

resource management software

One of the biggest challenges of running any business is staying organized. It can be extremely difficult to keep track of all the different aspects such as; scheduling, financials, HR, resource management, etc. In the past keeping track of and maintaining all of these required a vast amount of time, resources, and spreadsheets. Luckily with major improvements to our tech, and particularly to our software, keeping track of your business is easier than ever before. Let’s take a look at 10 of our favorite resource management software programs to boost your business.


The first resource management software program we will take a look at is Runn. The biggest advantage of using Runn is its simplicity. The program is extremely easy to navigate and has a highly user-friendly interface. Most functions on the program can by dragging and dropping with the cursor. Runn generates several aesthetically appealing charts that track and monitor many important data point from your business like scheduling, employee productivity, overhead costs, and much more. Runn offers a free trial for up to 5 people, and the price jumps to $10 per user after that with custom plan options for large companies. Runn.io is a great option for businesses of any size.


Forecast is another great resource management software program to consider for your business. Pricing for Forecast starts at $270 for 10 users with the lite program, or $460 for 10 users with the pro version. They also offer a plus option for larger firms that can be purchased on demand. One of the largest benefits of using Forecast is it’s comprehensive planning software. Forecast has a number of great tools for project planning, scheduling, and tracking employee production. One criticism of Forecast is that pricing can be steep for smaller teams. But with a larger team Forecast can be a great option.


Our next resource management software we will cover is Paymo. Paymo is an in depth scheduling program that is great for any size business. Some of the key features include vacation/time-off management, detailed timesheets, an easy-to-use interface, and automated scheduling based off previous results. Paymo keeps track of all decision made in the software and uses them to make future schedules completely on its own. These schedules can be easily changed as needed but provide a helpful tool for reducing mundane tasks. Pricing for Paymo runs anywhere from $5.95 to $24.95 per user per month.


Teamdeck is a top-of-the-line option for any time management or scheduling your business may need. It is easy to use for management and employees alike and provides an easy way to request time-off, track hours, create schedules, and more. Although limited in it’s other utilities, Timedeck is fantastic for scheduling and resource management. Prcing starts at just $1 a month for the basic plan.


Monday.com is an outstanding resource management software. It allows teams to easily communicate and work on projects, track hours, maintain schedules, and much more. Using Monday allows teams to easily collaborate and get an overview of whatever project they’re working on. One of the biggest advantages to using Monday is it’s easy-to-navigate interface. Monday is easy to integrate with a number of other software systems such as; Slack, Google Drive, Jira, and more. Monday.com offers a free 14-day trial program and pricing after that starts at $10 a month per user.


Next on our list of resource management software to look into is Kantata. Kantata excels in not just managing resources and scheduling, but also in providing in-depth analysis of your business. One of our favorite features of Kantata is their trend analysis program that uses data to predict future business trends. Kantata is an extremely versatile software that provides businesses with a massive tool for organization and evaluation. If you are interested in Kantata reach out to their team for more information on pricing.


Float is a great tool for scheduling and project management. Pricing for Float starts at $7.50/user/month for the basic plan. Float provides teams with easy access to project oversight and scheduling. Users can quickly create and distribute projects to their teams. Float’s interface is easy-to-use and the layout is very aesthetically appealing. Float is a great tool for small to medium sized businesses.

Hub Planner

Hub Planner is a phenomenal option for larger firms and companies. Its main function is resource management and scheduling, and it makes it extremely easy for employees and managers to track and maintain their schedules. Hub Planners makes use of a modular strategy meaning you can add or remove extensions as needed. They offer a comprehensive free trial and pricing starts $7 per month afterwards.


Saviom is an extremely comprehensive and easy-to-use resource management tool. The tool has a drag & drop interface and provides extremely helpful Gantt style charting. Businesses can easily monitor scheduling, manage projects, and optimize resource utilization with Saviom. Saviom is easily integratable with other software programs and they offer an extensive 30-day free trial program.


Last but not least is ResourceGuru. Resource guru is a phenomenal tool for managing resources, resolving conflict, and other key resource management functions. ResourceGuru provides each user with a comprehensive plan for what they should be working on, and allows management to easily track and monitor projects and efficiency. ResourceGuru’s interface is extremely user-friendly and makes scheduling super easy for all parties. Pricing for the basic ResourceGuru software starts at just $2.50 a month per user.

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