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Prototype Complex Enterprise Solutions with Just Your Workstation : Page 4

Before embarking on a hardware purchasing spree to prototype and test that clustered backend solution you're planning, learn how virtualization enables you to build a prototype right on your desktop.


Oh, the Possibilities...

The example in this article is only one idea for utilizing virtualization to prototype clustered, highly available applications. As you can imagine, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some other interesting ideas that you may find useful.

Prototyping Different Database Designs
The database is the most critical performance component of almost any system. A proper relational design and a physical storage strategy often help make a difference in how well the complete application performs. With virtualization products capable of savepoints (an important feature that enables you to save the complete state of the virtual machine at a given point in time), you can establish a baseline database architecture and then explore how well the database performs under different data loads, storage strategies, and logical optimizations such as denormalization. Savepoints will enable you to safely fall back to the original state of the application, or to the one you liked best.

Securing the Network
As mentioned previously, virtualization does not cover only the installation and configuration of guest machines, but also the configuration of virtual networks. With some creativity, you could prototype and explore different configurations and elements of network security: machine hardening, setting up and operating honeypots and traps, probing the network for weaknesses, exploits, and data leaks—and do it all within the safe confines of your own machine.

As you can see, virtualization software opens the door to many professionally exciting prototyping opportunities. Although this article could not cover all the details involved in the relatively sophisticated prototyping process, the general concepts and ideas presented hopefully showed how helpful the virtualization concept can be, even in relatively complicated, multi-machine scenarios. So explore them. You will make yourself and your organization more agile and productive in accomplishing your technical goals.

Edmon Begoli a software architect with 14 years of professional experience on large commercial and federal software projects. He is a member of the R&D staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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